EC85 TM系列精密陶瓷型芯
EC85 TM Ceramic Core For Investment Casting
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非特新®EC85 TM系列陶芯是一种功能结构陶瓷制品,设计用于精密铸造铸件中,作为形成铸件空腔的转接体,或者形成铸件的内腔结构的模具。使用中陶瓷型芯与外部型模及模壳一起共同保证铸件对空腔的尺寸精度要求。





EC85TM Ceramic Core for Investment Casting

EC85 TMCeramic Core is a kind of cavity transferring tool inside mould. It is characterized by high strength and refractoriness and superior thermal stability that enable EC85TM ceramic core can bear attack from wax injection and extreme thermal shock during shell firing and casting pouring. With excellent high temperature stability and core leachability, EC85TM Ceramic Core is widely used as processing tool for castings with open and blind passages forming.

Specification of EC85 TM Ceramic Core

◎ High strength to bear attack from wax injection and other processing treatment.

◎Enough refractoriness, it is suitable for Aluminum, iron and steel casting.

◎No reaction with metal liquid in high temperature.

◎ Low thermal expansion coefficient to ensure the accuracy of casting cavity.

◎ It is ideal tool to solve any cavity with complicated shape inside casting.

◎ Accurate dimension, general tolerance is ±0.5%,It can be up to ±0.2~0.3% if required.

◎Surface Flatness, It can reach to 10 times comparing with that of  sanding casting.

◎Customer design is available on order.